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Whether you are interested in a spa day at our resort spa or a relaxing afternoon massage in our day spa you are in the right place! Every guest is treated as a VIP each and every time. We are proud to provide you with the very best of pampering & tranquil services a wellness center has to offer. The quality of treatment keeps our guests returning time and time again.

Scottsdale Spa and Holistic Massage Therapy, one of best Scottsdale Spas,  aims to provide top quality level of spa services at an affordable prices.




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Scottsdale Resort Spa


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Inn at Eagle Mountain
9800 N Summer Hill
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

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The interior spa is a fusion of healing heritage, honoring those that developed the basis of the spa’s healing properties.  The décor pays tribute to:
•    The Native American Indian who protects the peaceful environment of the spa, cleansing the air with sage and sweet grass.
•    The Asian inspired Feng Shui design with water features and an endless circle of energy that flows throughout.
•    The Indian inspired Ganesha also greets you as you enter and exit.  He reminds us of the value of what we learn with Ayurveda and sends us success in all we want to achieve.
•    A healing, meditative Buddha, wishes you enlightenment as you pass through the hall
•    Trees of Life fill the space throughout.  From the real trees outside which bring cheerful singing birds each night at dusk, to the many indoor depictions of the Tree of Life which alludes to the interconnection of all life on the planet.

The spa features the magic nine Therapy Suites, appropriately named for minerals and gemstones of Arizona as wells as healing gemstones including:  Amethyst, Copper, Gold, Jade, Ruby, Silver, Agate, Turquoise and Zen.  Zen is an aromatherapy relaxation suite with oversize chairs, it beckons you to come home to the present moment; this is truly where we live. Thinking verbally takes us far into the past, or into the distant future.  Both past and future are fantasies, since the future isn’t known and our memories of the past are often quite distorted accounts of what really happened. Zen exhorts one to “Come to your senses!”, for when we get lost in thoughts of the past or future, life passes us by. When one mindfully dwells in the present moment, one completely dissolves into whatever activity manifests. One becomes the activity.  Most people have had peak experiences, which all involve being so totally involved with life that one’s sense of separateness dissolves into the experience. After or between your services we invite you to become very Zen.

Both locations offer a great relaxing setting and a top notch team of professionals to take care of your beauty, relaxation, stress reduction and health needs.  They feature spa music from around the world.  You will enjoy the sounds of native drums, Japanese flutes, Celtic music, Hawaiian music, Caribbean steel drums, Buddhist chants, singing whales all intertwined with jazz, opera, classics and other diverse music from around the world.

Looking forward to your visit.  We welcome you with open arms, warm hearts, respect, integrity and love.  We honor our policies, procedures and respect you and the time you dedicate to us. We desire that we treat each other as we want to be treated, knowing that in the infinite wisdom of the universe that we see in other that which we deny in our self, and we admire that which we want to develop in ourselves.

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