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Treat yourself or that special someone!

Call today to Book and pay 480-522-1041, all packages must be pre-paid with the purchase of a gift certificate.  All packages are non refundable. Not available at CopperWynd.


Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to give something special and different; an experience that will renew your connection with your partner and allow you to remember the beautiful moments you’ve experienced throughout your relationship. How about giving your love a romantic couples’ massage on February 14th?
This February 14th give the gift of a romantic couples’ massage. Don’t give the same predictable present, but one that will unite you in a moment of relaxation and tranquility. Not only will it be different, but a perfect gift for you both to enjoy. Imagine the ambiance: candles illuminating your space, romance in the air and above all, the pleasure of knowing you’re next to the person you love.
Besides being a lovely gift you’ll also have the benefits of relaxation, elimination of stress, improvement of circulation and bonding with the one you love. Many people don’t exactly feel comfortable being alone in a room with an unknown therapist, but if you go together it will be easier.
In most cases a romantic couples’ massage helps couples look back on the times they’ve spent together, including the day they met and the things they’ve shared; although the idea is to relax the body and mind, the base is to strengthen your relationship.
Romantic Spa Escape.  (Only available in our Couples Suites Exclusively on Valentines Day!)
A Special price for a Special Day! $214 (offer expired)
Enjoy 2 sixty minute customized massages designed specifically for each of you by your therapist.   
  • A bouquet of flowers
  • Welcome sparkling beverage
  • A box of Chocofin Chocolates
Valentines Day at The Peak (Only 3 couple suite times left)
7502 E Pinnacle Peak
Suite B-219
Scottsdale AZ 85254
Valentines Day at the Inn (Only 5 couple suite times left at the Inn at Eagle Mountain)
9800 North Summer Hill Boulevard
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268  
Call today to Book and pay 480-522-1041, all packages must be pre-paid with the purchase of a gift certificate.  All packages are non refundable. Not available at CopperWynd.

1) Couples Spa Getawayan experience that will renew your connection with your partner – See Details (offer expired)

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2) A Year of Love Annual Spa Gift – Day Spa Price $590 – 50% off plus (offer expired)

Tell her how much you love her. Ten 60 min services (Massages, Facials or Body Treatments) – Share and use them all by yourself.   Regular Price $1190+ 

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3) DR ROLAND SACHER LUXURY LOVING COLLAGEN FACIAL – Day Spa Price $125 – 50% off (offer expired)

Valentine's Day Spa Specials

Undisputed and unrivaled facial treatment designed and formulated to achieve the Eternal Fountain of Youth! Enhanced by luxury and extravagance combined with innovative and active ingredients whilst achieving outstanding skin anti-aging, hydration and anti-wrinkle benefits. Dr Sacher Supreme Facial Treatment…where science and luxury perfectly combine to create perfection. This facial treatment has been created for ladies who want nothing but the best for their skin and results exceed expectation. Each individual product, whether it is used in the spa or your home care regime, contains an extraordinary active substance concept. The leading active substance is the PCM complex- an unrivaled combination of extracts from pearl, caviar and magnolia. The PCM complex mobilizes the skin’s native energy reserves to attain skin which subsequently awakens to new life….looking and feeling amazing!Regular Price $250 (offer expired)

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4) Love Me Stress Me Not – 80 minute stress relief massage – Day Spa Price $89 – 35% off  (offer expired)

Relax and become stress free with this expanded combination aromatherapy and therapeutic massage. Regular Price $139

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5) Love Your Face – 80 minute Primary Facial – Day Spa Price $89 – 44% off (offer expired)

When your face needs to be pampered and loved to bring out the very best in you. Relax and enjoy an artful cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, massage, mask and moisture finish. Regular Price $159

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6) “Love for Mom” Microderm Facial and Therapeutic Massage 50 minutes each – Day Spa Price $99 – 54% off (offer expired)

Valentine’s Love for those who deserve a lot more. This is a perfect coupling! Look soft and glowing after this microdermabrasion facial while the therapeutic massage eases away any stress. Regular price $218.

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7) “Ultimate Love” Hydrating Facial, Relaxing Massage and Vinotherapy Wrap – Day Spa Price $159 – 48% off (offer expired)

Valentine’s Love for those who deserve everything.  Relax and enjoy this customized massage designed to relax and repair.  A Hydrating facial to hydrate your winter skin and repair the damage from the indoor and outdoor temperature extremes.  Drink the wine from the grapes in through your skin with the vinotherapy wrap. Regular Price $307

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Valentine's Day Spa Deals8) “Love You Man” Gentleman’s Facial and Deep Tissue Massage – Day Spa Price $99 – 58% off (offer expired)

Men need to know they are loved too! Show the man or men (Dad & That Special Man) in your life how much you love him and give him time to relax with a facial, while a deep tissue massage can work out all that ails him.  Regular Price at $238 

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9) Share the Love of Friendship (for 2) Therapeutic Massage (60 min), Eifel Moor Body Wrap with Marine Salt scrub (75 min) – Day Spa Price $238 – 58% off (offer expired)

Escape with your friends for the day.  With this super Trio.  The marine salt scrubs your skin to a soft glow, the creamy Eifel Moor Body Wrap has proved to be unbeatable for people who suffer from fatigue and exhaustion, and the massage will alleviate stress and leave you relaxed.  A great way to share the day with a good friend.  Regular Price at $576

 (2015 Valentine’s Day offer expired)

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